While working as a ground staff for Japan Airlines, Reiko Hitomi was acquainted with Japanese high standards of hospitality. At the same time, she acknowledged the importance of teamwork as well as flexibility and time management ability.

After she left JAL, she devoted 10years to enhance human resources development for major companies such as telecom and financial industries.

As corporate trainer she experienced more than a thousand training programs and the number of the attendees marked more than twenty thousands.

By adding “Customer Service and Hospitality” to trainings, she confidently provides training programs which allow companies to differentiate themselves from other competitors and maximize sales figures.

Hospitality and Business Etiquette Consultant

company’s outline

making your future with HR

Brew Inc.

CEO: Yoshihiro HARA

Address: 7-13-6 Ginza Chuou-ku, Tokyo Japan

・Human Resource Development (planning training, dispatching instructors, follow-up)

・Consulting ( product development, marketing, sales strategy, HR strategy)

・Instructor Training

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