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Staff training including Japanese style hospitality “OMOTENASHI” exclusively for customer service and sales

“Japan Quality” instructor search service for staff training and education

What is Japan Quality’s Training about?

How to use this website

Are you looking for staff training or educational programs with Japanese style hospitality or high standard service skills especially for Japanese customers? This site provides help finding the best experienced instructors according to your needs.

How we differ from other companies

[1] You can watch demo videos in advance.

By watching videos and content in advance, you can see if the content is the most suitable for your own company.

[2] You can get a feel for the personality of instructors and expected effect of training.

In each video, our Company Representative interviews each instructor about their training and what you can expect from their instruction. This is to help you get a sense of their personality, atmosphere and many aspects of their training.


[3] You can download the course outline which includes basic details and aspects of each instructor’s program.

It will help you get a clear idea of the training.

Why should you choose us?

Sophisticated and exclusive instructors’ training based on on-site experiences

Our instructors have on-site working background and staff educational experience in airlines, banking, cosmetics sales and restaurant industries. They have earned their great reputation from our clients.

Staff training which improves response to Japanese customers’ high expectations.

We provide staff training that allows you to improve service quality especially for Japanese customers with high expectation concerning proper etiquette, customer service, sales and counseling.

Tailor-made training

Our instructors and producers are proud of making custom training programs fit to you and your industry’s needs, environment, and merchandises provided.


About Instructors


Reiko HITOMI information movie

Hospitality and Business Etiquette Consultant

While working as a ground staff for Japan Airlines, Reiko Hitomi was acquainted with Japanese high standards of hospitality. At the same time, she acknowledged the importance of teamwork as well as flexibility and time management ability.

After she left JAL, she devoted 10years to enhance human resources development for major companies such as telecom and financial industries.

As corporate trainer she experienced more than a thousand training programs and the number of the attendees marked more than twenty thousands.

By adding “Customer Service and Hospitality” to trainings, she confidently provides training programs which allow companies to differentiate themselves from other competitors and maximize sales figures.

Essence of this training

former ground staff of Japan Airlines

Experience with more than a thousand training programs and twenty thousand attendees

Over-seas training experiences for local corporations


Chikako IGUCHI information movie

Beauty Service & Sales Consultant

As Beauty consultant at SHISEIDO, Chikako Higuchi counseled about 5 thousand customers.

She is an expert in hospitality and beauty department which she learned thoroughly from her experience back with SHISEIDO.

In 2006, she became a supervisor of KidZania Tokyo, the career experience style theme park for next generation kids. She received the Outstanding Performance award for her devotion towards work.

Currently, she has expanded her career path into Staff training. She has significant work history as an official trainer for Miss International and ICB international as a certified instructor.

Essence of this training

Former Beauty Consultant of SHISEIDO

5 thousand customers counseling experience

Hospitality Trainer experience with KidZania


Mkoto ONODERA information movie

First10 Hospitality & Sales Consultant

Although Makoto ONODERA started his career wishing to be a chef, he quit within 2 years. After that he started to work at a bar chain. He became the bar manager after a year. At the same time, as a bartender, he competed in the national cocktail competition where he received the award for outstanding performance.

When he was 35, he was promoted to General Director of all 25 bars in charge of operations and staff education.

Through his experience, he found that sales figures rose when staff actively approach customers. He believes that “From top-down to bottom-up” and “creating an environment for staff where they can think actively for customers” is the essence of the service industry for store management. He brings these messages into his training and consulting for restaurants.

Essence of this training

Instructor is a former store manager for restaurant chain and provided staff educational training.

His own original Hospitality and sales method "First 10"

His attendee received 1st prize at national customer satisfaction competition

company’s outline

making your future with HR

Brew Inc.

CEO: Yoshihiro HARA

Address: 7-13-6 Ginza Chuou-ku, Tokyo Japan

・Human Resource Development (planning training, dispatching instructors, follow-up)

・Consulting ( product development, marketing, sales strategy, HR strategy)

・Instructor Training

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