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Although Makoto ONODERA started his career wishing to be a chef, he quit within 2 years. After that he started to work at a bar chain. He became the bar manager after a year. At the same time, as a bartender, he competed in the national cocktail competition where he received the award for outstanding performance.

When he was 35, he was promoted to General Director of all 25 bars in charge of operations and staff education.

Through his experience, he found that sales figures rose when staff actively approach customers. He believes that “From top-down to bottom-up” and “creating an environment for staff where they can think actively for customers” is the essence of the service industry for store management. He brings these messages into his training and consulting for restaurants.

company’s outline

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Brew Inc.

CEO: Yoshihiro HARA

Address: 7-13-6 Ginza Chuou-ku, Tokyo Japan

・Human Resource Development (planning training, dispatching instructors, follow-up)

・Consulting ( product development, marketing, sales strategy, HR strategy)

・Instructor Training

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